WiFi Access

Wireless internet access is provided free of charge to all WATOC 2017 congress members. When you pick up your name badge at the registration counter, you will receive a voucher containing the login information.

Please make sure to read the following terms and conditions carefully. By accessing the WiFi network, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

Usage Policy for Guest Access to the LAN/WLAN of the WATOC 2017

The wireless and wire-bound Internet access provided by INTERPLAN Congress, Meeting & Event Management AG (from now on referred to as “INTERPLAN AG”) is a voluntary service for use by congress members of WATOC 2017, hereinafter referred to as “Guest Access”: INTERPLAN AG merely makes access to the Internet available. To use this service, you have to understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. The Internet is not a legal vacuum. Rules and regulations intended to lead to a coming-together of Internet users need to be observed.

2. This guest access is a voluntary service for the WATOC guest users. INTERPLAN AG endeavors to operate this Guest Access as reliably and safely as possible.

3. Data communication within this Guest Access occurs on an unencrypted basis and can be spied out and intercepted by unauthorized persons at any time. Any person who uses data networks or connects his mobile terminal device enters into a voluntary risk of possibly having his data spied on, manipulated, misused or deleted. Attacks from the Internet, or from this Guest Access, cannot be prevented. You are responsible for protecting your terminal device yourself, e.g., by means of a personal firewall and up-to-date virus scanners. Therefore, INTERPLAN AG shall accept no liability for damage to the hardware or software of the guest user's terminal device or for loss of data or any other property damage attributable to use of this Guest Access, unless the event bringing about such damage was caused by INTERPLAN AG with wrongful intent or by gross negligence.

4. INTERPLAN AG reserves the right to interrupt this Guest Access at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons, and to filter the connections to the Internet in accordance with applicable legal regulations. No guarantee of a certain transmission speed or of complete availability is provided by INTERPLAN AG.

5. You are hereby informed that all Internet communication is logged under the statutory framework. Storage and processing of your connection data by INTERPLAN AG shall occur only insofar as this is necessary for analyzing performance, faults and misuse. Furthermore, INTERPLAN AG is obliged to disclose user information to the supervisory and law enforcement authorities within the scope of applicable legal regulations in order to comply with applicable regulations, provisions, legal procedures or inquiries. By agreeing to these terms and conditions of use, you consent to the storage of IP addresses of any device which uses the Guest Access, the corresponding time of access, and the activity associated with this IP address. Once your data have been used as intended, and the retention period has expired, your user data shall be destroyed in accordance with data protection requirements. The destruction of your aforementioned data in accordance with data protection requirements shall occur no later than 3 days after your Guest Access has expired.

6. Access data such as the guest user's user name and password shall be used only by the guest user and only whilst the guest user is present. Additionally, the guest user shall not be permitted to use access data commercially. The guest user shall keep access data secret, and shall not make it available to third parties. In particular, the passing-on of access data to minors (persons under the age of 18) is prohibited by relevant laws for the protection of children and adolescents. Any breach of these terms and conditions may lead to this Guest Access being immediately blocked.

7. You yourself shall be responsible and liable for the data transmitted via this Guest Access, for the services used by way of this Guest Access and for the legal transactions undertaken within the framework of this usage. INTERPLAN AG shall merely provide access to the Internet via this Guest Access. The content retrieved shall not be subject to checking by INTERPLAN AG, particularly not as to whether it contains malware. Moreover, all applicable national laws shall be complied with when using this Internet access. You hereby undertake to lawfully use this Guest Access. In the event of any culpable breach of duty, the guest user shall be liable to INTERPLAN AG for damages. In particular, you hereby agree to not use this Internet access for, e.g., making in writing, in picture form or in sound form any degrading, harassing, threatening or violent statements that could impair the rights or feelings of other persons, not publish, send, upload or disseminate any material or information containing insulting, obscene or unlawful content, or containing software or other material (e.g. films or pieces of music) protected under copyright law and/or affecting other property rights or personality rights, and for which you do not possess corresponding rights of use or have not obtained necessary consent, and not update data files containing viruses or other harmful programs, carry out prize competitions, forward chain letters or download data files (e.g. software or audio or video files) published by other users of an Internet service, if you are able to recognize, or ought to have recognized, that these are being illegally distributed or contravene applicable law in any manner.

8. If third parties bring a claim against INTERPLAN AG on account of acts caused by the guest user in the course of using this Guest Access, the guest user shall fully indemnify INTERPLAN AG, and hold it fully harmless, in respect of all such claims.

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